Teacups, vodka and wine glasses, glasses and cups – not only for barbecue

We offer a wide range of disposable dishes. All of them are manufactured in our factory with great care for details. Our dishes feature an elegant look. That is why they are perfect not only for a barbecue, but also for receptions, company events or banquets.

High durability

Our dishes are made using the injection moulding method, which ensures their better performance and thus greater durability than that of products made by thermoforming. We have selected the appropriate polystyrene types to ensure sufficient durability of our products.


As disposable dishes manufacturer, we are aware of the big market demand for these products. We make the dishes from polystyrene which can be easily recycled and reused for production of other products.

Customization possibility

We can customize most of our products. At the customer’s request, we can coordinate printing on the dishes, e.g. of the customer’s logo. We have a number of standardised packaging patterns, but they can be customised.


CODE:  00500060 / 00501060

CAPACITY: 180 ml



Vodka glass

CODE:  00540050

CAPACITY: 20 / 40 ml

WEIGHT: 3,40 g

Wine glass

CODE: 580010

CAPACITY: 150/200 ml

WEIGHT: 12 g


CODE:  00610025

CAPACITY: 150 ml



CODE:  00620025

CAPACITY: 250 ml

WEIGHT: 17 g

Glass deco

CODE:  00630020


WEIGHT: 11 g


CODE:  00650050  

CAPACITY: 500 ml 

WEIGHT: 24 g 


CODE:  00660025

CAPACITY: 400 ml

WEIGHT: 20 g

Cup deco

CODE:  00700025/ 00690025/  00680025/ 00670025

CAPACITY: 100 ml/ 170 ml/ 250 ml/ 400 ml

WEIGHT: 7 g/ 12 g/ 12,50 g/ 14,50 g