We are a 100% recyclable manufacturer of environmentally friendly
cutlery and dishes

and new solutions

Our mission is to provide customers with interesting and effective solutions, satisfying the needs of the most demanding ones.

Continuous development, modern production technology and attention to the environment are our key to success.

We conduct a thorough inspection of our products, thus ensuring their high quality.

Shared values, care and commitment have allowed us to create a sustainable and multi-generational enterprise.

For years, we have been working with many reputable companies, and we export our products to almost all countries

Quality and safety

High quality and product safety are our top priority.

We are the first producer in Poland and Central Europe cutlery and crockery by injection molding, which has received a certificate of approval Management system according to BRC standard. As a guarantee of the safety and quality of our products, we have consistently maintained the highest possible AA rating since our first certification in 2017.

We achieve results primarily through highly modern, digitally controlled equipment from reputable companies Wittmann-Battenfeld and Ferromatik. We have specialized, highly automated production lines allow us to produce parts that require special cleanliness.


We are guided by pro-environmental ideas when conducting all kinds of projects. Aware of the impact of pollution on our environment, we have been working since 2005 on new alternative solutions to reduce the burden on the environment. Our production is also environmentally friendly!

We feel responsible for our environment, so we made an innovative heating and cooling system. Thanks to a proprietary system we are able to achieve 100% technological heat recuperation.

In 2019, we completed another phase of renewable energy investments – a 50 kWp photovoltaic installation was put into operation, allowing us to cover more than 15% of our annual electricity needs. In 2024, another phase of photovoltaic installation will be completed, covering a total of more than 2/3 of our annual electricity consumption.

However, this is not the end! We are planning further investments that will contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

Our products comply with the latest SUP directive, have certificates
and declarations of conformity



WPC cutlery or Biocomposite


Reusable cutlery


Cups, glasses


Banquet dishes

Our team will be happy to learn about your expectations and will prepare
an offer tailored to your needs