Biokompozyt WPC

WPC or reusable cutlery

Our series is made of a composite of wood fiber and polymers. This innovative combination of materials allowed us to achieve very good mechanical properties with a very high proportion of natural raw material, which is wood from an FSC-certified source.

Ecology is definitely one of the most important factors influencing the decision of conscious consumers, so we reduced the amount of polymer by as much as 40% and replaced it with natural wood.

We can confidently say that our solution is ECO-friendly.

We mainly produce reusable cutlery


Safety is very important to us, so we use certified raw material that is approved for contact with food and even children’s toys.

Products obtained from WPC biocomposite have the appropriate certificates and approvals confirming their high quality. In response to the changing EU regulations, our products comply with current requirements and regulations and have the appropriate certificates and declarations. In addition, we have performed very extensive laboratory tests on our products.


The wood content of the products does not preclude them from being further recycled and reprocessed into another product. As with conventional polymer materials, a wood-based biocomposite can be recycled several times. The multiple use of products is also becoming a response to current regulatory requirements.


The wood-polymer composite is highly resistant to heat. Our WPC cutlery is reusable. The cutlery easily retains its rigidity even when used at 95°C *.

Dishwasher tests have shown their high durability, which is definitely higher than other products made of alternative raw materials.


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