Environmental policy


Ecology is for us! While conducting all kinds of projects, we are guided by pro-ecological ideas. We are aware of the negative impact of contamination on the environment, which is why we started working on alternatives to those currently used in our industry a few years ago. We put the greatest emphasis on ecological biodegradable cutlery, which is subject to the composting process. In 2018, these products reached the first customers.


Moreover, our production is also environmentally friendly! We feel responsible for our environment. That is why we have developed an innovative heating and cooling system for our production. Thanks to our original system we are able to achieve 100% recovery of technological heat and use it to heat our building and running water.


By pursuing our environmental policy, in March 2019 we completed the next phase of investment concerning renewable energy sources. It consists in commissioning of a 50 kWp photovoltaic installation, which allows us to cover 15% of our annual electricity demand. But that is not all! We are planning further investments that will contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint (reduction of carbon dioxide emission).


High product quality and production safety are our top priority.